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Super Greens Plus Reds by Nutra Organics

Our Super Greens Reds has been upgraded!

Gluten Free - Corn Free - Dairy Free - GMO Free - Vegan - Paleo - 100% Recyclable Package - Fair Trade

Now with organic kale, matcha green tea, fermented pre & probiotics and plant based protein so much more, this new formulation is designed for both fast absorption and maximum cellular uptake.

Crafted from the best certified organic ingredients, our Super Greens Reds is designed to nourish your whole body and strengthen your immune system, keeping your body strong.

Value for money | Easy to take | Pleasant taste

Super Greens plus Reds is a high quality, concentrated multi-nutritional superfood supplement to use as part of your healthy diet and exercise lifestyle journey. Use it daily as a supplementary wholefood multivitamin and mineral to:

  • Support energy, performance, stamina, endurance and general health and well-being.
  • Provide nutrients for energy metabolism and reduction of fatigue.
  • Support a healthy immune system.
  • Help protect cells from free radicals (which impact the rate we age).
  • Increase your dietary source of nitrates. Contains Beetroot which is high in nitrate. Nitrate has been shown to support cardiovascular health and exercise capacity.
  • Super Greens-Reds is low in sodium.
  • Provide essential amino acids and is a source of plant based dairy free protein.
  • Support healthy digestion.
  • Complement a nutritious diet and exercise plan.

Featuring our unique blend of Super Nutrition

Super Greens Reds wholefood multivitamin and mineral formulation features a proprietary blend of organic fruit, vegetables, sprouts and herbs in a high fibre, high protein base. Combining fermented and sprouted grains, seeds and legumes our carefully blended Super Greens Reds provides the building blocks necessary to support repair, provide nourishment, and enliven your whole body helping you feel clear, vibrant and energised.

Our low allergenic, certified organic, dairy and gluten free, vegan friendly wholefood Super Greens Reds tastes great, is easy to use every day and inspires great recipes for the whole family to enjoy. We source non-GMO ingredients, we do not add artificial colours, flavours or preservatives so you know you are buying high quality products from our business and supporting the use of sustainable agricultural principles and practices.

How will Nutra Organics Super Greens Reds benefit you?

Sprouted and Bio-Fermented Grain, Legumes and Seeds: Benefits

1) Sprouting and fermenting activates food enzymes, making the food more easily digested;

2) Sprouting and fermenting increases the vitamin and mineral content of the food on a per calorie basis.

Green Foods: Benefits

  • Supports the body's normal toxin-elimination function
  • Supports healthy liver function
  • Supports antioxidant activity
  • Supports overall cellular health
  • Supports cholesterol metabolism

If your body needs help to detoxify, or youíre not getting peak nutrition through your diet alone, Super Greens Reds may help support your bodyís natural toxin elimination systems.

Reducing the Toxic Load

Reducing the toxic burden with dietary and lifestyle modification is fundamental to supporting healthy detoxification processes within the body. Improving gut barrier function using prebiotics such as those in our Super Greens Reds is another way to limit dietary toxins reaching organs like the liver and kidney.

Red Foods: Benefits

Many red fruits and veggies are loaded with powerful, healthy antioxidants -- such as lycopene and anthocyanins and are beneficial for the support of heart, eyes, skin and blood.
Phytochemical-Filled Produce

So what does colour have to do with diet anyway? One word: phytochemicals. These substances occur naturally only in plants and may provide health benefits beyond those that essential nutrients provide. Colour, such as what makes a blueberry so blue, can indicate some of these substances, which are thought to work synergistically with vitamins, minerals, and fibre (all present in fruits and vegetables) in whole foods to promote good health and further enhance nutrition.

Who needs Nutra Organics Super Greens Reds?

Whole food nutrition for whole body health.

For people on the go whose fruit and vegetable intake is lacking, or for those wanting an extra boost of nutrients conveniently blended to support whole body nutrition.

Replenishing your nutritional status on a daily basis with antioxidant rich Nutra Organics Super Greens Reds, in conjunction with a healthy diet, can support the body cope with day to day life by supplying whole food, organically grown green and red food concentrates to nourish each cell.

Whole food ingredients such as Spirulina, Chlorella, Kelp, Barley grass, Wheat grass, Kale, Green Tea, Green Coffee Fruit berry, fermented sprouts, fermented golden pea protein in powdered form is easily digested nutrition, readily available to the body.

Acid-alkaline balance is pivotal to balanced health

Being aware of systemic pH is increasingly recognised in nutritional medicine as an important determinant of long term health and vitality. Optimal pH is essential for all systems in the body including:

  • The bodies structural systems such as bones and muscles.1
  • Body fluid/electrolyte
  • Circulatory

Factors influencing the bodyís acid-alkaline balance include;

  • Diet
  • Lifestyle
  • Environmental pollutants
  • Protect bones with an alkalising diet.

The human skeleton is a massive reservoir of alkalising mineral cations such as magnesium and calcium. Bone tissue is involved in maintaining a healthy pH balance by providing alkalising minerals to effectively buffer systemic acidosis.

Athletes and people on the go can rely on the balanced nutritional support of this concentrated formula to jump start their day, helping sustain their active lifestyles. And if youíre keen to keep enjoying a vibrant, healthy life Super Greens-Reds is a dynamic source of essential nutrients.

In todayís hectic world, eating well every day can be a real challenge. So itís reassuring to know that the nutrients we need for health, energy and vitality are now available in an effective, easy to use and great tasting formulation.

Formulated Supplementary Sports Foods should not be consumed as the sole source of nutrition and should be consumed in conjunction with a nutritious dietÖ.

Why canít I take Super Greens Reds if I am pregnant/lacating?

We advise on all of our products to seek advice from your health care professional on taking our products if you are pregnant or lactating. We only say so as we believe that every pregnancy is different, taking a toll differently on each individual body in vitamin, mineral and energy levels.

By law, we are required to put a warning on the product if we ADD vitamins and minerals. Sounds crazy but it is true.

We invite you to research the product to ensure that you are not sensitive to any particular ingredients.

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