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Earl Grey Tea by Onno Behrends

Reputedly blended for The Earl Grey in the 1830s, the unique citrusy flavour adds another dimension to the finest Ceylon tea. Its refreshing flavour gives a calming experience, while helping keep the mind alert. Earl Grey tea became popular in the late 1800s and remains so today. Our Onno Behrends Earl Grey tea uses real oil of Bergamot (diluted for edible purposes) whereas some other Earl Grey teas have oil of Bergamot substitutes and flavouring added.

ANTI-OXIDANTS. Rich in Polyphenols

Not only does our Earl Grey tea provide an invigorating yet refreshing flavour, you will be pleased to know that this tea is a source of natural anti oxidants in the form of Polyphenols (that is the natural good stuff found in tea). Drinking tea also helps us all to keep our bodies hydrated.

NATURAL. And good for you

Simply tea leaves, which are picked and dried, with a small amount of the oil of Bergamot added, which are then packed into convenient teabags.

Nothing added. No preservatives. Nothing artificial.

Along with all the current and known positives tea has for us and our health, there is also plenty of research underway into the other possible health benefits of tea and there is a focus in areas relating to Cancer, Heart Disease, Strokes and Diabetes.

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