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Vanuatu Wild Harvest Coconut Oil by Green Nutritionals

100% Virgin Cold Pressed

Direct Micro Expelling Method

There is a fundamental difference in the nutritional and cosmetic value of coconut oil made from copra (dried and processed coconut) and that of virgin coconut oil made through the DME method. Because copra is dried over many days in unhygienic conditions and then shipped and stored for many weeks, moulds grow on this raw material and the oil becomes rancid. Cleaning (refining and bleaching) this dirty oil by industrial/chemical processes destroys many of coconut oil's natural characteristics and benefits.

DME stands for 'Direct Micro Expelling'. This is a form of 'wet-milling' whereby the virgin coconut oil is cold-pressed from the fresh meat of the coconut within one to three hours of opening the nut. The DME method is regarded by many as THE highest standard of coconut oil production. This method delivers a pure, natural and totally unrefined extra virgin coconut oil that is unhydrogenated, free from impurities, high in antioxidants and retains its beautiful and natural coconut aroma.

Direct Micro Expelling uses a totally different approach to coconut compared to that of the copra industry. With DME the processing is taken to the nuts rather than taking the nuts (in debased form) to a (large-scale) processing plant. The coconuts and oil are produced by local Vanuatu people with small scale locally owned production. This results in a virgin coconut oil of vastly superior quality that directly benefits local Vanuatu families.


With its distinctive fresh nutty fragrance and flavour, and it's absolute clarity – (pure white in solid form and completely clear as a liquid), Vanuatu Wild Harvest Virgin Coconut Oil really is the best coconut oil you can buy.

It can be used as is, straight from the bottle, in foods as a smoothie ingredient or spread, in cakes or biscuits, or as a cosmetic oil. No other oil is this versatile.

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