• Model: 2323
  • Manufactured by: Durand


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Durand Stainless Steel Tap

Replace your old plastic Durand Water Tap with a new Stainless Steel Tap.


Wash, rinse and dry the tap before fitting.

If you are replacing a tap on a storage container with existing water in

It, you may wish to save the filtered water into another container.

First make sure your water storage container is empty and dry.

Firmly hold the plastic nut located on the inside of the water storage container. Then turn the tap head from the outside, anticlockwise.

Once it is loosened unscrew the plastic nut from the inside thread of the tap. Also remove the thin washer from the inside thread.

The tap and thick washer can then be removed from the front.

Place the thick washer on the tap thread and press firmly against the head of the tap.

Then put the tap (with thick washer) through the tap opening on the storage container.

Turn the tap with the spout facing upwards and hold firmly with one hand.

From the inside of the storage container use your other hand to place the thin washer on the thread end of the tap and press it firmly against the side of the container. Next screw the plastic nut on the thread, firm but not too tight. Then holding the plastic nut on the inside while you twist the tap to the upright position (with spout down).

Test for leaks before re assembling your system.

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