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Doulton Sub-Micron Ceramic Filter - Durand Water Filters

Doulton filters are designed to convert raw or untreated water into high quality drinking water 100% naturally.

Independent Test Laboratory results show these filters are very efficient at removing impurities such as chlorine, bacteria, amoebas, suspended solids, organic pesticides, some heavy metals, bad tastes and smells. They will remove 99.99% of Giardia and Cryptosporidium.

The filter container of the "Durand Water Filter Systems" holds approximately 3 litres, so if you refill your filter container once a day on average, you will filter just over 1000 litres per year.
Simply add water to the filter container, which sets inside the main storage container. Under the force of gravity the water first passes through the micro porous ceramic walls of the filter. The inside of the walls of the Royal Doulton filter are impregnated with silver. The silver acts as a natural biocide to keep the water inside your filter, and also your stored water, pure. Then the water passes through the activated carbon filled core of the filter. From there it drips into the storage container at the bottom. The flow rate of the filters is about 1-2 litres of purified water per hour.

These filters are made in England and will filter to 0.9 microns.
Flow rate- will filter about 1 litre per hour depending on water quality. Will filter absolute to 0.9 of a micron and down to 0.2 of a micron.

These Premium filters needs to be replaced approx. every 2000 litres of water filtered.
Suit gravity systems only.
Warning:- Higher levels of chlorine, chemical contamination, or sediment, will shorten the life of the filters.

Recommended for use on town, tank or alternative water supply.
Silver impregnated ceramic walls.

This filter is used by military, aid/relief organizations, and missionaries around the world.

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