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Coconut Oil by Coconut Magic

Our virgin coconut oil is gently extracted from freshly harvested mature coconuts. A truly raw and organic product as our production method uses no direct heat or chemicals. This ensure it's purity and maximum nutritional content. We use a wet method centrifuge extraction process, cold-pressing the oil from our carefully selected fresh raw materials. The pressing is done within a couple of ours of opening the coconuts. Coconut Magic is unlike any other coconut oil. It's purity offers maximum health benefits and a taste and texture that our customers continuously rave about.

Health benefits of coconut oil can sometimes seem never ending. Many of our customers have reported back to us some of the following:

• loss of stubborn weight

• improved digestion

• relief from IBS (Irritable Bowl Syndrome) symptoms

• better moods

• feeling more balanced

• improved immune system, less frequent colds and flu virus

• healthier more glowing skin

• much better hair condition

• improved dental health

• more energy

Coconut oil offers natural antiviral, antifungal and anti bacterial properties that offers amazing health benefits. An increasing amount of studies are being reported on the health and healing benefits of coconut oil. Some of these studies include:

•Enhances immune system

•Supports thyroid function and balances hormones

•Makes your skin and hair shine

•Protects skin from free radical damage

•Alkalises your body

•Supports healthy weight loss

•Helps kill disease causing bacteria and viruses

•Helps balance blood sugars

•Assists with cholesterol balance

•Prevents heart disease

•Supports healthy brain function

•Anti parasitic

•Helps dissolve kidney stones

•Supports oral health with Oil Pulling therapy

 Coconut Magic Organic Virgin Coconut Oil uses:

• as a sunscreen to take to the beach

• in the bathroom for skin and hair

• as a beautiful gift of Coconut Magic

• a sample or trial of our premium virgin coconut oil

• for travelling with on any kind of trip, even if just for the day

• to simply keep in your bag for when you might need a good dose of coconut love, coconut energy or a beauty fix.

For great benefits you can use coconut oil as a cooking oil to replace any processed or unsaturated oils such as vegetable oils. This is a much healthier cooking option as the saturated fat content of coconut oil is suitable in the higher heat temperatures. It will not break down and oxidise like other oils do.

Our coconut oil taste so delicious it is ideal to use as a cooking oil. It is so yummy many people will eat it straight from the jar.

Use coconut oil as a replacement for butter on toast.

The therapeutic dose of coconut oil is 3-5 tablespoons per day.

You can include a tablespoon in your smoothies. In your herbal tea, hot cacao, or in a cup of warm water and lemon juice. This is particularly ideal first thing in the morning to assist with cleansing and energising the body, as well as kick starting metabolism.

A great inclusion in raw food recipes and desserts. And also in non raw food baking treats.

Coconut oil is fantastic to use both internally and externally. Use it topically as an all over body moisturiser, as a face moisturiser and cleanser, or on specific problem skin areas to treat any fungal irritation such as eczema, dermatitis or psoriasis.

Coconut oil is safe and beneficial to use during pregnancy and also for babies and infants.

Coconut oil is a great hair conditioner, and can be used as a treatment by applying it to your hair and leaving it on over night. It will leave your hair feeling amazingly healthy and soft.

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