Australian Bush Flower Essences

Australian Bush Alpine Mint Bush 15ml

This flower grows in exposed rocky sites in the alpine and sub-alpine areas of south eastern Australia. This Essence works on the mental and... more info

Australian Bush Angelsword 15ml

This amazing flower grows in the alpine region of Australia. Viewed from one angle, it has the appearance of a ‘fleur-de-lis’. The Essence is for... more info

Australian Bush Autumn Leaves 15ml

Autumn Leaves allows one to hear, see and feel communication from the other side and be open to that guidance and communication. It also further... more info

Australian Bush Banksia Robur 15ml

Banksia Robur is commonly known as Swamp Banksia as it is usually found by creek banks. This Essence addresses temporary loss of drive and enthusiasm... more info

Australian Bush Bauhinia 15ml

Made up near Geikie Gorge in the Kimberleys, this Essence is for embracing new concepts and ideas. There may be some hesitation or reluctance,... more info

Australian Bush Billy Goat Plum 15ml

For feelings of shame, self disgust and self-loathing. For those people who feel revolted and dirty about sex and feel unclean afterwards. It can... more info

Australian Bush Black Eyed Susan 15ml

For people who are impatient or always 'on the go'. These people are continually rushing and their lives are always overflowing with commitments.... more info

Australian Bush Blank Labels 25 Pack

Details For practitioners wishing to make dose essences requiring a professional label. more info

Australian Bush Bluebell 15ml

Made in the Olgas, one of the main spiritual centres in Australia, this Essence helps to open the heart. It is for those who feel cut off from their... more info

Australian Bush Boab 15ml

The Boab Tree is found in the Kimberley region of northwest Australia. This is one of the most powerful of all the Bush Essences and has brought... more info